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The Puritan: Frontiers of New English is an online, quarterly publication based in Toronto, Ontario, committed to publishing the best in new fiction, poetry, interviews, essays, and reviews.

The Puritan seeks, above all, a pioneering literature—work that pushes boundaries, or sees boundaries as unstable, or lines to be re-drawn.

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The Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence is awarded to the single best submission in the respective categories of poetry and fiction. The prize is open for submissions each year from January 1st to September 30th through our online submissions manager. The judges for this year’s prize are Margaret Atwood (for poetry) and Zsuzsi Gartner (for fiction).

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July 28th, 2014

Montreal Lit Night at The Ossington - New Trends in Montreal Writing // Jason Freure

The diary entry is the newly trending genre among Montreal’s young English-language writers. Three of micro-press Metatron’s authors opened Mon[…]

Montreal Lit Night at The Ossington appeared first on the Town Crier.


June 12th, 2014

Wanted: Publicity Agents!

The Puritan | Frontiers of New English is currently seeking a new team of Publicity Agents to assist with the promotion, development, and overall quality of the publication.

The Publicity Agents will be responsible for promoting the journal and its sister blog, The Town Crier, at readings and other events, as well as handling all social media promotion. Publicity Agents will:

  • represent the journal by attending local area readings on a weekly basis,
  • scout potential talent for the journal and solicit work from writers,
  • research current Toronto-area arts and literature events, attending as necessary,
  • distribute promotional material and promote contests, projects, etc.,
  • manage the social media element of our advertising campaigns, including daily twitter updates (promoting blog posts, author news, events, etc.), as well as updates to our Facebook page as required, and
  • write short blog posts which engage with an event, an author, a book, or another element of the Toronto (or Canadian) literary community.

Interested candidates should familiarize themselves with the history, editorial mandate, and literary works published by The Puritan over the last several years. All Puritan associates are expected to devote ten hours per week to tasks and assignments. Publicity Agent positions will last four months (with opportunity for further incorporation once complete). All agents must be available to meet with Puritan editors within the city of Toronto. Agents are expected to check and respond to daily email correspondence and will also write short weekly summaries of work completed.

In addition, all Puritan Publicity Agents must have:

  • a BA (or equivalent, or higher, or be enrolled) in English Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism, Design, Publishing, or related fields,
  • knowledge of and interest in contemporary Canadian literature, literary communities, and magazine publishing,
  • excellent written and oral communication skills,
  • proficiency with MS programs and google mail/docs (knowledge of WordPress and/or Adobe Creative Suite applications considered a plus),
  • the ability to follow instructions in a timely manner and meet strict deadlines,
  • the ability to work independently and as part of a team,
  • familiarity with social media, and (most importantly)
  • enthusiasm and moxie!

Interested parties should send a CV and cover letter as .doc or .pdf attachments to info@puritan-magazine.com. All applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on July 1, 2014, and positions will begin in mid-July, 2014. Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

June 8th, 2014

Adélia Prado Wins Lifetime Recognition Award

On June 4, 2014, revered Brazilian writer and poet Adélia Prado was honoured with The Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry’s Lifetime Recognition Award.

You can read Dean Thomas Ellis’s translations of seven poems by Adélia Prado in Bridging the Literary Border: Part II, The Puritan’s Spring Supplement.


May 12th, 2014


Artists, Writers, Friends, and Foes!

The Puritan is back with another electrifying issue brimming with contemporary lit, lit-commentary, and the second half of our supplement, “Bridging the Literary Border.” That’s right—it’s Issue 25: Spring 2014!

Our parent issue contains three new works of fantastic fiction by Andrew Forbes, Victoria Hetherington, and Trevor Corkum.

It boasts powerful new poems by Jessie Jones, Andrew McEwan, Sarah Pinder, Liz Worth, Stevie Howell, and philip gordon.

You’ll also read an essay by Jason Freure on Toronto’s architectural landscape (and future), as well as Phoebe Wang’s timely and in-depth interview with poet and critic Anita Lahey.

But like last time, that’s only half of the Puritan experience. Delve into “Bridging the Literary Border, Part II” (again curated by Puritan Associate Editor E Martin Nolan) to discover a host of border-centric commentary and original poetry, this time widening the net beyond the U.S.–Canadian border to include a number of works by and regarding Portuguese-speaking authors.

First, we’re thrilled to bring you Dean Thomas Ellis’s new translations of Portuguese poetry! Read lyrics (in English!) by Portuguese poet Maria Teresa Horta and by lauded Brazilian poets Adélia Freitas, Cecília Merieles, and Lucida Godoi.

Be sure to read the new insightful essay by Ira Wells on matters of Canadian–U.S. national character (and comedy).

Check out curator E Martin Nolan’s wide-ranging interview on Canadian, American, and British literary identities with three fantastic authors and critics: Molly Peacock, Robert McGill, and Jason Guriel.

Then plunge into four all-new reviews: Matthew R. Loney’s take on Jacinto Pires’s The True Actor (translated by our own Dean Thomas Ellis and Jaime Braz), Oona Patrick’s study of Amy Brill’s The Movement of Stars, Andrew Blackman’s parsing of Colum McCann’s TransAtlantic, and Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen’s reflections on Mémoria: An Anthology of Portuguese Canadian Writers, Edited by Fernanda Viveiros.

With spring in the air, it’s time to shake off the old and usher in the new—do so now with Issue 25: Spring 2014 of The Puritan.

March 26th, 2014


Open submissions for Issue 25: Spring 2014 are are now closed. We are currently seeking submissions for Issue 26: Summer 2014. Get those submissions in before our deadline: June 25, 2014.

We are accepting submissions of fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, recipes, and interviews. Check out our submission guidelines for more information.

March 19th, 2014


In its spirit of radical inquiry, The Puritan | Frontiers of New English is seeking essays, reviews, interviews and other non-fiction work. This past year has shown that literary criticism in Canada is in dire need of exploding its old boundaries. In fact, we want writing that treats those boundaries as though they were never drawn. We crave proposals, pitches, blog posts, article ideas, and finished pieces. To what degree they are invested, informed, inquisitive, theoretical, formal or personal is up to you.

While The Puritan’s primary focus is on independent, small press publications, featuring both Canadian and international writing, we are also open to investigations of more popular works of literature. In particular, we seek to promote and support the poets and fiction writers we’ve published in our past 24+ issues.

The Puritan now has two separate venues for literary criticism—the magazine proper, featuring longer and more in-depth works, and our blog (ideal for shorter takes and conversations), The Town Crier. Here are some suggestions of what The Puritan is looking for:

  • independent or collaborative, co-authored reviews,
  • multiple reviews by multiple authors on a single book,
  • short “takes” and impressions of a book or of multiple books,
  • reflections and personal responses to an author’s work or career,
  • revisions and revisits to a previously published piece by yourself or another author,
  • interviews with publishers, editors, book designers and writers,
  • round-ups of the local literary scene in your town, community or city, and
  • round-ups and responses to current literary controversies and discussions.

When in doubt, try us out—we’re open to imaginative and intelligent responses on all points of the spectrum.

Now, the nitty-gritty: we are seeking reviews, revisions, interviews, and responses of at least 1,500 words for The Puritan magazine (paying a $50 honorarium per piece), and short takes, reviews, shorter conversations, and responses of 500 – 1000 words for The Town Crier blog (unpaid, but we’re working on it!).

Deadline: YEAR-ROUND
Contact: Query at puritanmagazine [at] gmail dot com or submit completed pieces via our Submissions Page.

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