Issue 38: Summer 2017

Our summer issue, featuring selections from guest fiction and poetry judges Amy Jones and Vivek Shraya is now live! Look inside for some of the best new Canadian and international fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, and reviews.

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Coat the Blade.

By Kirsti Salmi

The bracelet was embarrassingly tight. It choked the woman’s wrist as she held her hand out over the reception desk, brandishing two neatly-folded t...


By Nancy Jo Cullen

1. Teenagers are pulling their braces off with their bare hands Illuminating the unlit valley of adolescence with their exposed midriffs Subjecting mo...

Seriousness and the Sublime: An Outsider's Guide to Nerd Culture.

By Annabel Howard

These days I will, on occasion, drop a casual reference to Captain America or Mass Effect, or mention BioWare or Batman, or finally agree to my husban...

“A Relationship to Play, A Relationship to Craft”: A Conversation on Poetry and Stand-Up Comedy.

By Kris Bone

I blame Mitch Hedberg for all of this. Close reading and literary criticism have never been things I come by naturally. In fact, a twelfth-grade Engli...

Chockablock with Drops: A Review of Carellin Brooks's One Hundred Days of Rain.

By Gavin Tomson

One Hundred Days of Rain Carellin Brooks BookThug, 2015. $20.00, 192 pages.   In One Hundred Days of Rain, winner of the 2016 ReLit Award for be...

The Town Crier

News and Announcements.

October 21st, 2017

Join The Puritan at the IFOA on October 26

The Puritan is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the IFOA! Come join us on October 26 for a free (and catered!) event. We’ll be hosting a short discussion with a bunch of the magazine’s editors before getting down to the more important business of celebrating 10 years of publishing in style. “As a small magazine, The Puritan i...

August 30th, 2017

Issue 38: Summer 2017 is now live!

Dear Reader, With summer on its last sweaty leg and the nights already getting cold, we lay before you our 38th issue just in time for some serious Labour Day Weekend reading! We were fortunate enough this issue to be able to hand over the editorial reins of our fiction and poetry sections to guest summer editors, Amy Jones and Vivek Shraya, and it...

July 31st, 2017

The Puritan Presents: ‘Membering Austin Clarke, a special summer issue

  Dear Readers, We are excited to present our special summer issue, dedicated to the work of the late Austin Clarke. As guest editor Paul Barrett notes in his introductory essay, “On Austin Clarke’s Style,” Clarke is one of Canadian literature’s “earliest, most widely published, best awarded, and least studied Can...