Issue 44: Winter 2019

Issue 44: Winter 2019 is here! This edition features yet another excellent array of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction representing the best new and established writing from Canada and beyond.

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The Upper North.

By JR Boudreau

  Even before the sun has considered coming up, I kick Joffre awake with my snowmobile boot. He rolls off his arms to reveal a pack of cigs crush...

Two Poems.

By Ali Blythe

I’m Always Here, Except When I’m Not It all continues, walking into a rainy night burning the archives like the Romantics in the Province of Oppos...

“Beti, Are You Married?”.

By Aeman Ansari

I was trying to find chane ki daal, split-chickpeas, in the second aisle of my neighbourhood Indian-Pakistani grocery store when a woman with a basket...

“We Keep Writing”: A Collaborative Review of Dionne Brand’s The Blue Clerk.

By Klara du Plessis, Linzey Corridon, and Alexei Perry Cox

Introduction: if the book’s a dialogue, then capture it in dialogue How to describe a book in discussion with itself, written in collaboration betwe...

A Review of Almost Islands: Phyllis Webb and the Pursuit of the Unwritten.

By Erín Moure

“Play what you know, and then play above that.” Miles Davis It’s already tattered, my copy of Almost Islands. It sits beside me; I open it. I ca...

The Town Crier

News and Announcements.

February 25th, 2019

Issue 44: Winter 2019 has arrived!

Dear Readers, Issue 44: Winter 2019 has finally arrived, and it brings with it an excellent array of fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, and reviews for your enjoyment. This issue’s fiction section features “The Upper North” by JR Boudreau and “Naquan” by Nasir Husain, as well as two short stories from the 2018 Thomas Morton Memorial...

January 31st, 2019

Join The Puritan as a Publicity Assistant in Spring 2019

Are you interested in literary publishing and looking for a crash course in Toronto’s vibrant literary scene? Are you outgoing and social media savvy, comfortable with creating connections both online and in person? The Puritan is currently seeking two to three new Publicity Assistant to assist our team with the promotion, development, and overal...

November 21st, 2018

Issue 43: Fall 2018 is now live!

Dear Readers, Issue 43: Fall 2018 has finally arrived, and it brings with it an excellent array of pieces for your perusal. This issue’s fiction section features an excerpt from Marianne Apostolides’s I can’t get you out of my mind: A book of lies, sex, love, and Artificial Intelligence, “The Dementia Games” by Jennifer Batler,...