What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Writer?

The Puritan’s 2019 special issue has arrived! Guest edited by Rahat Kurd, What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Writer? offers a series of tentative answers to the question posed, each as thoughtful and unique as its author.

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Some Notes Against the Burden of Representation.

By Rahat Kurd

In the 2018 biographical film MANTO, directed by Nandita Das, the Urdu fiction writer Ismat Chughtai selects a pine nut from the handful in her palm a...

Our Place.

By Mona’a Malik

There are only a few days in town that really blister, the kind of days that smell like hot garbage. And that quickly shifts into snow and months of r...

Hagar Poems: A Selected Reading.

By Mohja Kahf

— No, I am awake Mary, have been listening for this call   — Yes, you will bring forth beauty I, Zekariah, always knew   from “Mary Ph...

Making Peace With English: What I Learned from Reading in French.

By Barâa Arar

On his release from prison in the spring of 1962, Ahmed Ben Bella proclaimed: “Nous sommes des Arabes! We are Arabs!”1 When I first came across hi...

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News and Announcements.

June 26th, 2019

The Puritan Launches Summer 2019 Special Issue

Dear Readers, On this hot June morning, we are pleased to announce the launch of our 2019 special issue, What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Writer, guest edited by Rahat Kurd! In her introduction to this issue, Rahat Kurd notes,“This platform, ‘What Does It Mean to be a Muslim Writer?’ aims to provide several possible starting points for futur...

June 19th, 2019

The Eighth Annual Thomas Morton Prize Is Open!

The Thomas Morton Prize is back! We’re excited to announce that this year’s writing contest, the Eighth Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence is now open! The 2019 writing contest will be judged by Michael Redhill (fiction) and Souvankham Thammavongsa (poetry). This year the prize includes $1,000 for the winners in fict...

May 27th, 2019

Issue 45: Spring 2019 is here!

Dear Readers, Issue 45: Spring 2019 has finally arrived, and it brings with it an exciting array of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for your enjoyment. This issue’s fiction features “Madame Flora’s” by Camilla Grudova and “I WILL NEVER TELL YOU THIS” by Shaelin Bishop, as well as the final short story from the 2018 Thomas Morton Me...