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In the Hole They Dug in the Earth by Zachary Scott Hamilton

From ISSUE 18

  Actually, you’re thinking that a glass of ex-rays drifts in jade. Mycelium strings hold ex-planet Islands together, greys, wire warped. Neither storm, nor casting sheds across the light, these felt arms igniting—no poisons. Losers in nylon, handling the shirt sleeve of the shore. Pour in dynamite, to the pool, from the top of the slide —Out from a box marked ‘nonsense,’ lurking in the shadow of the sky. Giant falling squid loosen caterpillars into ozone layers. Leprosy pulled blankets on the planet. Loose links, cherry orchard blossom painted to a mini-boat, floating in the breeze. chance, to speak another language, to pull back mathematics in your hair, the kittens of your eyes —and—I pour in the tree fort we’ve built for you— Do they know the operations of a machine fort? All of its pulleys, all its levers? (Exploded chests— birds of diamond wings …