Stiff Caulking


Clattering of teeth after avocados rust: too much air, too little time
for infantilizing the coconut meat into a speckled drink, an Azul,

coconut like the womb one can never return to but clicks into,
heals as though the jaw with intention clicks, its porous bone, its

dislocated kneecaps long before calcification occurs—
that was back in hey-days of grandeur when milk consumption

rivalled dessert chocolates wrapped in phosphorous & protein,
peeled each bone anyway, excreted yellow vitamins. But then calcium

isn’t a vitamin so much as the ossification of collarbones into points,
bony and erect through light-weight fabrics or

sultry gowns missing shoulder and back-coverings since it’s sexy
flaunting a spinal column encased in skin.

And no one can be sure why outpourings of skeleton regenerate
if only minerals absorb through acidic climates,

just as lacto-in-bloodstream remains unknown,
its flotation devices like puffy rings, inflatable air-mattresses; all that’s

nimbus in the sky.