The Puritan is now seeking submissions to the Fourth Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence. The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

The Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence is awarded to the single best submission in the respective categories of poetry and fiction. The prize is open for submissions each year from May 1st to September 30th through the publication’s online submissions manager. The judges for this year’s prize are Ian Williams (for poetry) and Miriam Toews (for fiction).

In addition to publication in Issue 31: Fall 2015, each winning author receives $1000 in addition to a prize pack of books, each valued at over $900, from the following stalwart Canadian publishers:

Anvil Press, BookThug, Brick Books, Brindle & Glass, Caitlin Press, Chaudiere Books, Coach House Books, Cormorant Books, Coteau Books, Dundurn Press, ECW Press, Freehand Press, Guernica Editions, House of Anansi, Goose Lane Editions/icehouse poetry, Mansfield Press, Mawenzie House, Pedlar Press, Quattro Books, Random House/McClelland & Stewart, Talonbooks, Turnstone Press, Véhicule Press, and Wolsak & Wynn!

Winners will be announced in late October or early November 2015, and will be invited to our annual Black Friday celebration and year-in-review party in Toronto, Ontario.

All submissions must be written in 11 or 12 point font, and must not have identifying information on them to ensure a blind process reading process (remove your name, address, and contact information from the document itself). For fiction submissions, please include a word count. No works over 7,500 words or under 1,000 will be accepted or read. Each submission of poetry can include up to 4 poems, or up to 4 pages. We welcome multiple entries in either genre.

All submissions must be accompanied by a $15 PayPal donation. If your PayPal account differs from the email address you include in our Submission Form, please leave us a note indicating this discrepancy.

Thank you for entering our literary contest, and good luck!



The Puritan seeks submissions all year round.

Submissions received between Dec. 26 and Mar. 25 are considered for the spring issue, published in late April/early May. Those received between Mar. 26 and June 25 are considered for the summer issue, published in late July/early Aug. Those received between June 26 and Sept. 25 are considered for the fall issue, published in Nov. Those received between Sept. 26 and Dec. 25 are considered for the winter issue, published in Feb.

The Puritan pays high bounties for quality work!

Our current publication rates stand as:

  • $100 per interview,
  • $100 per essay,
  • $100 per review,
  • $50 per work of fiction, and
  • $15 per poem (or page, capped at $60 for poems running four pages or more).

Check back with the magazine regularly; The Puritan is working ever assiduously to increase these figures.

Please note that the publication rates for works that appear in our occasional Supplement Series are reduced due to volume. Each accepted work of non-fiction, fiction, or group of poems will receive an honorarium of $20.

Regular submissions to the magazine are free of charge and should fall under one of five categories: fiction, essays, poetry, interviews, and reviews. Unless we are soliciting your work, all submissions must be previously unpublished (this includes self-publishing, publishing on blogs, and in chapbook format). Only e-mail submissions through our online submissions manager are accepted (save those trees for maypoles, or theses).

Send all questions and messages to puritanmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com

Send only your very best writing.

Upon receiving your submission, we will promptly respond with an e-mail confirmation. You may have to wait a few months to hear back from us on our final verdict. This is standard procedure. Only inquire about your work if you haven’t heard back from us after four months.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please remember to inform us immediately if your work is picked up by another publication. Please only submit one story, one review, one interview, or up to four poems per issue reading period. Any additional work received will be deleted without acknowledgement.

The Puritan purchases first North American serial rights for published works, reverting back to the author upon publication. We would appreciate a statement of acknowledgement in any reprinted editions. The Puritan grants permission to anthologists for printing contributors’ work if their whereabouts are unknown.

For all work other than poetry, please abide by the following rules. Leave only one space after periods. Use three periods for an ellipsis … like so. Double-space your work, include your name and contact information on the first page, provide a clear title, and number your pages. Use a no-nonsense font (submissions in Comic Sans, Jokerman, and Papyrus will be cast off immediately). Use proper EM dashes and try to abide by Canadian spelling (and spellcheck, proofread, obsess, etc.). Be consistent in your formatting.



As our mandate describes, feel encouraged to push boundaries. We have diverse tastes; try us out. Length is up to you, but a story over 10,000 words will only be considered if it is of exceptional quality (and nothing over 12,000 words, please). Stories of high quality and high word counts may be considered for serialization. Please read the fiction in our last two or three issues in our Archive in order to familiarize yourself with the work we’ve published. Only send one story at a time, unless you are writing flash fiction (or stories under 500 words), in which case you can send up to three.


See above. Send only one piece at a time. Non-fiction submissions can be anything from memoirs and creative non-fiction to academic essays on a literary subject. We’re open to just about anything, but the more literary your topic, the better.


Baffle us, tangle us up, or break our hearts. We’re looking for poems of any length (including sequences and long poems). Once again, please familiarize yourself with our last two issues. Send up to four poems at a time.


We’re looking for longer-form interviews—anything under 2,000 words will not be accepted. Interviews must be thoughtful, compelling, and original. Strive for depth. They must also be conducted with writers, publishers, editors, and other sorts involved in the world of books and publishing. Please read the last few interviews we’ve published to get a feel for what we might be interested in. Understand that your subject may be contacted in order to verify that your submission was indeed a legitimate conversation.

Please supply your interview with a title that includes the name of your interviewee, such as “The Steadfast Heart:” An Interview with William Bradford. Send only one interview at a time.


Reviews can be up to 6,000 words in length, with a minimum word count of 1,500 words. We are looking for insightful and challenging reviews of recently released fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Whatever your focus, perspective, or opinion, provide us with a close reading of the text. We prefer to publish reviews of books released by small(er) Canadian publishers, but are open to other works, as well; as always, please read our last few issues to get a sense of the scope and depth of the reviews we’ve published.

Please supply your review with a title, and the necessary information about the book you are reviewing. Send only one review at a time. Abide by the following model as a heading for your piece: Title, Publisher, Year, Price, Number of Pages, and then your name, like so:

“Ahead of His Time:” A Review of Thomas Morton’s The New English Canaan.
The Prince Society, 1883.

$19.95, 300 pages.

Review by Mortimer Sneed.

If you would like to review on a regular basis for The Puritan, please send us a sample review (published or not), and we may enlist you in our ever-growing team of elect reviewers.




Polyamorous Love Song by Jacob Wren (BookThug)

Air Carnation by Guadalupe Muro (BookThug)

I Don’t Know How to Behave by Michael Blouin (BookThug)

*Poetry Title: Bite down Little Whisper by Don Domanski (Brick Books)

*Poetry Title: The Lost Letters by Catherine Greenwood (Brick Books)

*Poetry Title: Invisible Dogs by Barry Dempster (Brick Books)

The Dove in Bathurst Station by Patricia Westerhof (Brindle & Glass)

The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea (Brindle & Glass)

Jane and the Whales by Andrea Routley (Caitlin Press)

Mantis Dreams by Adam Pottle (Caitlin Press)

Hideout Hotel by Janine Alyson Young (Caitlin Press)

The Desmond Book of the Dead by Claire Latremouille (Chaudiere Books)

The Uncertainty Principle by rob mclennan (Chaudiere Books)

Ground Rules: The Best of the Second Decade of above/ground press 2003–2013 by Various (Chaudiere Books)

The Lizard and Other Stories by Michael Bryson (Chaudiere Books)

Cosmo by Spencer Gordon (Coach House Books)

All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman (Coach House Books)

The City Still Breathing by Matthew Heiti (Coach House Books)

The Fledglings by David Homel (Cormorant Books)

The Geography of Pluto by Christopher DiReddo (Cormorant Books)

Just beneath My Skin by Darren Green (Cormorant Books)

Sweet Life by Linda Biasotto (Coteau Books)

Letters to Omar by Rachel Wyatt (Coteau Books)

Fields of Exile by Nora Gold (Dundurn Press)

Projection by Priscilla Uppal (Dundurn Press)

Black Rock: An Eddie Dougherty Mystery by John McFetridge (ECW Press)

The Colonial Hotel by Jonathan Bennett (ECW Press)

Waiting for the Man by Arjun Basu (ECW Press)

Are You Ready to Be Lucky? by Rosemary Nixon (Freehand Press)

Boundary Problems by Greg Bechtel (Freehand Press)

The Dilettantes by Michael Hingston (Freehand Press)

Fatal Light Awareness by John O’Neill (Guernica Editions)

The Goat in the Tree by Lorne Elliott (Guernica Editions)

Bombay Wail and Other Stories by Veena Gokhale (Guernica Editions)

My Grandmother’s Pill by Lisa Pike (Guernica Editions)

Loddy-Dah by Dolly Dennis (Guernica Editions)

The Embassy of Cambodia by Zadie Smith (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

Artful by Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

Born with a Tooth by Joseph Boyden (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

Better Living through Plastic Explosives by Zsuzsi Gartner (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

Juliet Was a Surprise by Bill Gaston (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin)

El Nino by Nadia Bozak (House of Anansi)

All the Rage by A.L. Kennedy (House of Anansi)

Serafim and Claire by Mark Lavorato (House of Anansi)

The Walking Tanteek by Jane Woods (Goose Lane Editions)

Jonas in Frames by Chris Hutchinson (Goose Lane Editions)

Prairie Ostrich by Tamai Kobayashi (Goose Lane Editions)

Dear Leaves, I Miss You All by Sara Heinonen (Mansfield Press)

Flip Turn by Paula Eisenstein (Mansfield Press)

The Art of Sufficient Conclusions by Sarah Dearing (Mansfield Press)

The Outside World by Barry Dempster (Pedlar Press)

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl (Random House)

Once We Had a Country by Robert McGill (Random House)

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (Random House)

Siege 13 by Tamas Dobozy (Thomas Allen Publishers)



The Counting House by Sandra Ridley (BookThug)

Here in There by Angela Carr (BookThug)

Life Experience Coolant by Colin Fulton (BookThug)

Bite down Little Whisper by Don Domanski (Brick Books)

The Lost Letters by Catherine Greenwood (Brick Books)

Invisible Dogs by Barry Dempster (Brick Books)

*Fiction Title: When is a Man by Aaron Shepard (Brindle & Glass)

*Fiction Title: The Pull of the Moon by Julie Paul (Brindle & Glass)

Black Liquor by Dennis E. Bolen (Caitlin Press)

Dreamland Theatre by Rob Budde (Caitlin Press)

Steeling Effects by Jane Byers (Caitlin Press)

Movements in Jars by Meghan Jackson (Chaudiere Books)

Been Shed Bore by Pearl Pirie (Chaudiere Books)

Everything Is Movies by Nicholas Lea (Chaudiere Books)

Needs Improvement by Jon Paul Fiorentino (Coach House Books)

A Pretty Sight by David O’Meara (Coach House Books)

Need Machine by Andrew Faulkner (Coach House Books)

Looking East over My Shoulder by Jill Jorgenson (Cormorant Books)

When We Were Old by Peter Unwin (Cormorant Books)

In the Tiger Park by Alison Calder (Coteau Books)

Interruptions in Glass by Tracy Hamon (Coteau Books)

Masham Means Evening by Kanina Dawson (Coteau Books)

The Trouble with Beauty by Bruce Rice (Coteau Books)

Failure to Thrive by Suzannah Showler (ECW Press)

Knife Throwing through Self-Hypnosis by Robin Richardson (ECW Press)

Designated Mourner by Catherine Owen (ECW Press)

*Fiction Title: Are You Ready to Be Lucky? by Rosemary Nixon (Freehand Press)

*Fiction Title: Boundary Problems by Greg Bechtel (Freehand Press)

*Fiction Title: The Dilettantes by Michael Hingston (Freehand Press)

Exile at Last: Selected Poems by Chava Rosenfarb (Guernica Editions)

Forecast by Clara Blackwood (Guernica Editions)

Skinny-Dipping with the Muse by Ellen S. Jaffe (Guernica Editions)

Fugitive Horizons by Henry Beissel (Guernica Editions)

I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems Edited by Ruth Roach Pierson (Guernica Editions)

The Daring of Paradise by Brian Day (Guernica Editions)

Sun Bear by Matthew Zapruder (House of Anansi)

The Quiet by Anne-Marie Turza (House of Anansi)

For Tamara by Sarah Lang (House of Anansi)

how the gods pour tea by Lynn Davies (icehouse poetry [Goose Lane Editions])

Bit Parts for Fools by Peter Richardson (icehouse poetry [Goose Lane Editions])

Polari by John Barton (icehouse poetry [Goose Lane Editions])

Moon Baboon Canoe by Gary Barwin (Mansfield Press)

Our Days in Vaudeville by Stuart Ross (Mansfield Press)

What the World Said by Jason Camlot (Mansfield Press)

Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books by Stephen Brockwell (Mansfield Press)

Monkey Soap by Glen Downie (Mansfield Press)

Shouting Your Name down the Well by David W. McFadden (Mansfield Press)

Yaw by Dani Couture (Mansfield Press)

Complicity by Adam Sol (McClelland & Stewart)

Supplying Salt and Light by Lorna Goodison (McClelland & Stewart)

Origami Dove by Susan Musgrave (McClelland & Stewart)

Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement by Ronna Bloom (Pedlar Press)

Slow Curve out by Maureen Scott Harris (Pedlar Press)

Whisk by Yoko’s Dogs (Collaboration) (Pedlar Press)

The April Poems by Leon Rooke (Porcupine’s Quill)

Slack Action by Jeffery Donaldson (Porcupine’s Quill)

The Sea with No One in It by Niki Koulouris (Porcupine’s Quill)


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