Thinking of submitting to The Puritan: Ottawa’s Literary Prose Journal? You should be!

To get a leg up on the competition (and oh, how competitive it can be!), here are some helpful hints to ensure that your submission is read, and not accidentally ignored, overlooked, deleted, thrown out, or used as lining for Cody’s kennel.

Deadline for Fall/Winter Mega Issue: December 31st, 2008

Submission Guidelines

1. The Puritan is a literary journal that publishes prose exclusively. If your first impulse is to wonder: “Hey, would you like to read my new word sonnet?”, the answer is no. If you do send us poetry your poems may be printed, read, and critiqued by our associates1. Please submit prose: flash fiction, short fiction, creative non-fiction, or excerpts of longer works (which may be serialized). As a general rule, please try to keep your work between 500 and 7,500 words.

2. Write about whatever you like. The Puritan imposes no restrictions on content2. Be aware, however, that we publish fiction of a literary nature. We tend not to endorse (and do not feel like reading) science fiction, horror, erotica, spaghetti westerns, hard-boiled detective fiction, harlequin romances, fiction that takes place at sea during the Napoleonic period, fiction about Leprechauns, Vampires, Troglodytes, Kobolds, Otyughs, or any other fantasy creatures. Or fantasy, for that matter.

3. The Puritan’s only mandate is quality. Or literary celebrity. Please read our current issue to better understand the type and level of work we are looking for.

4. Send hard copies to: 37 Alhambra Avenue, Apt. 3, Toronto, ON, M6R 2S4. Or, better yet, email submissions to [email protected]. Our dated computer systems can only read Microsoft Word files and rtf files. Most other files are rendered illegible, and leave us feeling frustrated and lonely. Please avoid making us feel this way. Attach the file to your email, and have your subject heading read either a) FICTION SUBMISSION or b) NON-FICTION SUBMISSION or c) POETRY SUBMISSION (but please consult guideline #1 for consequences of doing so).

5. We are interested in reading your work, not about your life. Please try your best to limit your comments to prior publication credits or major awards received.

6. Please be patient. It may take us time to respond to your submission(s). You may have to wait up to three months to hear back from us. An initiative has been put into place to reduce these waiting times4.

1 Our associates, the esteemed Colonel Dockery, Sexy, and The Muscle, have never professed any interest or ability in the reading or selection of poetry, and should be the last people consulted regarding its merit.

2 Excepting: no slander of the following individuals/organizations: the editors and/or staff of The Puritan, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, Alan Fitzgerald of Night Ranger, Night Ranger3, Phil Caracas, Phil DaCosta, Sandie Jensen, Bernhard Radloff, Rob Monkiewicz, Ian Gorlick, Allison Place, Devon Davie, B&S; Industries and any of its affiliates, The Cube, The G-Man, The Bean, Bruce and Lyse Freeborn, Professor Bo-Bampton, Castro (the bum, not the leader), Joe Nadel (also the bum-but we would recommend you steer clear of Joe Nadel the Judge, if you know what’s good for you), the Angry Chef, John Paul Jones, Cary Elwes, and David Staines.

3 You may, however, slander Brad Gillis of Night Ranger, as well as the other guy.

4 The Waiting Time Reduction Initiative was put in place on 7 November 2007 after a long night of deliberation regarding the prolific musical career of Alan Fitzgerald.