Two Poems

Shahin Sadeghzadeh: “how approximate I am to a small plant, unnamed still, atop a rocky passage, hard to tread. far from the gaze of passersby; in courtship with the sun, with the soil, with the wind and the rain”





behind the gates of thought
a profound light        at rest
a snow-mote under the heat of the sun
a wise one                     drinking wine
a red apple
the Earth’s unmanifest tether
the desert where rain comes once a year
the slow dance of coral reefs
in the depths of the Ocean
to reach the mountain top
that moment, at dusk
behind the gates of thought
the incident
fading away
the body, unmanifest
volume            shattered
words               lost
and sensation
fallen asleep


پشت دروازه فكر
نورِ آرام و عمیق
تكه برفی
زیر هُرم آفتاب
خورده شراب
سیب سرخ
ریسمانِ پنهانِ زمین
آن كویر
سالی یك بار
ببارد باران
رقص آرام مرجانها
ته دریای عمیق
فتح قله
آن لحظه، غروب
پشت دروازه فكر
محو شده
تن، ناپیدا
حجم، بشكسته
واژه، گم شده
حال، افتاده به خواب


the sky
clear and pure
eyes devoted to observation
words dried on the lip
like a burden
fallen off the back
I no longer feel
though filled
with sensation
of living
the feeling of soil
waves of the sea
the feeling of rain
of seasons
all of nature in my body
what a wonder
all these eyes
and heads
and hands
and mouths


آسمان صاف و صریح
چشم ها محو تماشا
واژه خشكید، به لب
بار افتاد از پشت
وهم ِ آویز به من
حسِ من رفته از دست
لیك پر احساس حیات
حسِ خاكم
موج دریا
حس باران
حس فصل
ذره ذره در طبیعت
این تن من
این همه چشم و سر و دست و دهن

Khashayar Mohammadi is a queer, Iranian born, Toronto-based Poet, Writer and Translator. He is the author of poetry chapbooks Moe’s Skin (ZED, 2018), Dear Kestrel (knife | fork | book, 2019), Solitude is an Acrobatic Act, and The OceanDweller (both by above/ground press, 2020). His debut poetry collection Me, You, Then Snow is out with Gordon Hill Press.